This painting of a toad lily plant in bloom is one of my miniatures and measures only 3.5" x 4.5". It takes a very small brush, a steady hand and lots of patience to get such fine detail into such a small painting! I was inspired to paint the beautiful and exotic looking toad lily when i saw it in bloom in one of the flower borders at Biddulph Grange Gardens. It is almost finished, with only the last flower needing to be finished.  




                                                                   TAWNY OWL

                   When it is finished this will be a large painting measuring 10" x 12".       As you can see, it is still in its early stages with the left and bottom sections of the painting having yet to have a first coat of paint! A watercolour of this size takes many hours to complete and by the time it is finished it will have had several layers of paint to get the amount of fine detail required. I will be adding more photographs as this piece progresses so watch this space! This watercolour was inspired by my love of birds, especially the beautiful tawny owl, although i have yet to catch a glimpse of this elusive bird in real life!